Breakfast at the Barracks - Season 2, Episode 28

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Heather McKay
Sloan Center on Innovative Training and Workforce Development

Heather A. McKay is the Director of the Sloan Center on Innovative Training and Workforce Development as well as the Director of Innovative Training and Workforce Development Programs at the Center for Women and Work at Rutgers University. In this capacity Heather currently directs an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation funded project that provides technical assistance and resources to states to scale up a New Jersey pilot project of online learning for low wage workers throughout the country. Heather is also currently working on an evaluation program funded by the Nicholson Foundation focusing on offender reentry and the education system. Heather completed her BA at Bryn Mawr College in 2004 she has an MA in World History and is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Global Affairs at Rutgers University.

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Jaishankar Ganesh
Dean School of Business - Camden
Professor of Marketing

Jaishankar “Jai” Ganesh joined Rutgers as dean of the School of Business–Camden in August 2010. An exceptional administrator and scholar, Dr. Ganesh has sharp insight into the academic and experiential rigor required of successful business schools. He has built a record of achievement in developing the programs that allow a business school to prepare its students well, to foster external business growth, to promote innovative faculty research, and to extend the reputation of the institution.

Dr. Ganesh recently served as associate dean for administration and executive education at the University of Central Florida’s College of Business Administration, where he revamped and increased enrollment in the Executive Development Center’s programs serving central Florida’s business community, and propelled revenue from $300,000 to nearly $4 million.

He has extensive experience in managing and leading an academic entity that served more than 9,000 students, with more than 100 full-time faculty and a $30 million-plus budget, and offering multiple degree programs and an extensive research agenda. A scholar in the areas of marketing management and international marketing strategy, Dr. Ganesh also has been named a professor of marketing at Rutgers–Camden. His research emphasizes such issues as customer satisfaction, retail patronage behavior, and the cross-national diffusion of products.

He launched his career as engineer with a major corporation in India dealing with scientific and telecommunication equipment. Dr. Ganesh earned his PhD in marketing and international business and his MBA in international business from the University of Houston. He also holds degrees in the areas of physics and instrumentation engineering.

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